Michelle is humbled by wine. She studied wine for far too long, yet still somehow studies it to this day. Having cut her oenological teeth in Washington state, Davis California, and outback Australia, she has been fortunate enough since then to coax her porphyritic hands into crafting halcyon California wines at such prestigious sites as Colgin Cellars, Cliff Lede Vineyards and Bryant Family Vineyards in Napa Valley, and Peter Michael Winery in Sonoma Valley. Through her consulting business, Eartrumpet Consulting, she continues to advise industry leaders in Napa and Sonoma, complementing her Linnaean winemaking projects in Napa, Sonoma, Italy, and Victoria.


Possessing nearly 20 years of history exploring the intimacies of grapes, from the smallest of genes to the largest vineyard ecosystems, Daniel is the starry-eyed provocateur behind many great wines, demanding perfection from every single vineyard. He has spent nearly a decade as the Agricultural Scientist and Senior Viticulturist for David Abreu Vineyard Management, vineyard manager for numerous legendary Napa Valley wines. As the Lead Agricultural Scientist for Eartrumpet Consulting, Daniel is an industry-leading viticultural advisor throughout California, Western China, Israel, and large tracts of Victoria, in addition to lending his skills to the crafting of the Linnaean species.